12. Juni 2024

We’re thrilled to share highlights from the Closing Conference of the Consortium Benchmarking Study on „Efficient and Sustainable through Global Production Management“:​

🔍 Presentation of key findings from the study and insights gathered during company visits.​

🏆 Award ceremony recognizing the „Successful Practices in Global Production Networks“ awarded to GF Piping Systems Deutschland, KOSTAL Kontakt Systeme GmbH & Co. KG, Schmitz Cargobull AG, Hilti Group, and Weidmüller Germany.

🎤 Prof. Schuh delivered a thought-provoking keynote on „Upgrading Circular Economy – Sustainable. Resilient. Profitable.“​
💼 Workshops delved into focal topics emerging from the study, fostering deeper understanding and collaboration.​

Key Learnings/Themes:​

🌐 Successful Practice companies transcend singular achievements, excelling across five key dimensions: Strategic Planning, Global Process Standards, Resilient Network Structures, Sustainability, and People & Culture.​

🔄 The roadmap ahead emphasizes transitioning to a Circular Economy model, reinforcing resilience and sustainability for future success.​

🚀 Identified areas for improvement include fostering a network culture across all sites, deploying uniform digitalization solutions and IT structures, and managing networks while rolling out necessary process standards.​

Together, let’s continue to innovate, collaborate, and pave the way for a more sustainable and resilient future in global production management! 💼🌍 ​

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