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Today, production occurs in dynamic, global markets. Requirements are increasing continuously. The core task of production management is and will always be to increase productivity.


Faster Decisions – Maximize Productivity
The Global Production Management Center (GPMC) facilitates companies to maximize continuously their productivity. As a unique competence network consisting of renowned companies and research institutes, we develop methods and tools to speed up and improve decisions in production.


In collaboration with our member companies, we develop, test and implement solutions for tomorrow’s production management. Our key focus are application-appropriated methods and user-oriented tools for short-term decisions and long-term planning from location to network level. We consolidate these solutions in a global control center. That creates transparency in a dynamic environment and supports manufacturers by allowing them to act target orientated.


At this intersection between science and industry, companies have a structured framework to exchange knowledge on topics including the design, planning and control of loss-free and agile production processes. One central benefit for members is the interlinking of best practice solutions from industry with latest scientific findings. Members are given the ability to critically analyze their own activities and further develop their own capabilities.
For this …
  • we offer our member companies a unique, confidential cooperation network for production management.
  • we support companies in bilateral and consortial consulting projects on individual problems and create significant added value.
  • we actively research and design measures for the production management of the future, creating new impulses, for which we develop and test the required key technologies and methods.
  • we enable target group-oriented further education for young, specialist and managerial staff in all relevant topic areas of production management.
  • we act as part of the RWTH Aachen Campus ecosystem in an effort to cooperate, share and mediate with all parties involved for the greatest possible effect.
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