8. April 2022
For the past year, Lena Gill has been working with us, in order to shape and maintain the public image of the Global Production Management Center and our production management software MIORI. As her Bachelor’s Degree will be completed soon, she is leaving Aachen and therefore the GPMC.

Lena is a young, energetic woman, who is one of the faces behind our posts on this platform. She has succeeded in enabling our followers to take a look into the research, work, and behind-the-scenes at the GPMC and gathered valuable experience while doing so.

We wish her the best of luck and lots of fun with her next steps in life!

Goodbye-Lena-Gill Goodbye Lena Gill
I-enjoyed-creating-and-designing-formats-for-LinkedIn-and-websites-working-with-a-young-talented-team Goodbye Lena Gill
How-to-use-planning-and-preparation-in-order-to-work-more-efficiently-under-time-constraint. Goodbye Lena Gill
Together-for-the-production-management-of-tomorrow Goodbye Lena Gill