10. February 2023

Process Mining

Process mining is a method from the business process analysis field that enables processes to be extracted, visualized and analyzed from data generated as part of business activities. The data can be extracted from systems including ERP, CRM, BPM and other sources. This enables companies to identify process optimization potentials by observing patterns and deviations from standard processes. In addition, it can help to reduce process complexity, eliminate overlap, and minimize risk. By using process mining, organizations can monitor and analyze a variety of processes in real time, including business processes, billing processes, and supply chain processes. This can lead to improved visibility, efficiency and control of processes, resulting in time and cost savings. 

Overall, process mining is a valuable technique for any organization looking to improve and optimize their business processes. It provides an objective view of processes and helps organizations to make data-based decisions improving processes and reducing costs.

Process-Mining-Vorteile-1 Process Mining – Part 1 Advantages
Process-Mining-Vorteile-2 Process Mining – Part 1 Advantages


Seth-Schmitz Process Mining – Part 1 Advantages
Dr. Seth Schmitz
Head of Industry Projects
Telefon: +49 241 80 27387
E-Mail: s.schmitz@gpmc-aachen.de
Tim-janke Process Mining – Part 1 Advantages
Tim Janke, M.Sc. RWTH
Head of Business and Software Development
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