28. March 2022

Strategic Design of Sustainable Production Networks

📆 We are happy to announce our next web seminar on the 31st of March with Alexander Schollemann, who will be presenting “Strategic Design of Sustainable Production Networks” to our GPMC community members.

Whether it is the global plastic waste agreement of the United Nations Environment Assembly or the Green Deal of the European Union – the increasing sustainability demands of customers, politics, and investors require action from the industry. Globally operating companies have a significant impact on sustainability through their distributed production sites, requiring a radical rethinking of both, the strategy and configuration of global production networks.

📚 In our web seminar series, we present proven methods from practice and the latest advances in theory to the community members of the Global Production Management Center. If you want to participate in our web seminars or other events, join the GPMC!

Strategic-Design-of-Sustainable-Production-Networks-Announcement Strategic Design of Sustainable Production Networks