9. November 2022

Sustainability in the production system

The 8th meeting of the Production Systems Community (PSC) took place on October 25 and 26 with a focus on “Sustainability in the production system” at Bosch Homburg.

Our Key Learnings from the discussions and keynote:
▶️ With increasing material scarcity and energy prices, sustainable production is becoming existentially important for manufacturing companies
▶️ Sustainable production encompasses economic, environmental, and social sustainability goals equally as the new dimensions of productivity – with governance as a foundation
▶️ Circular Production is the central lever for reducing resource and energy consumption as well as dependencies on raw material availability, hence increasing the resilience of companies

8th-Meeting-of-the-PSC-Sustainability-in-the-Production-System Sustainability in the production system
Keynote-by-Annkristin-Hermann-Remanufacturing-as-a-circular-economy-concept-for-sustainable-value-creation Sustainability in the production system
Thanks-to-our-hosts-from-Bosch-in-Homburg-For-the-fascinating-insight-into-Boschs-Production-System-as-well-as-remarkable-Sustainability-Initiatives Sustainability in the production system
Highlights of the 8th PSC meeting:

☑️ Plant tour at Bosch Homburg and interesting insights into their sustainability initiatives

☑️ Keynote by Annkristin Hermann on “Remanufacturing as a circular economy concept for sustainable production”


Thanks to all participants for their interesting input, as well as many thanks to our hosts from Bosch! We are looking forward to the next PSC-meetings in 2023! If you would like to know more about the GPMC or the Production Systems Community, don’t hesitate to contact Annkristin Hermann and Marco Schopen.

The Production Systems Community (PSC)

Members of the Production Systems Community (PSC) rely on knowledge exchange for the design and implementation of production systems in the context of Industry 4.0. The focus of the activities is on company visits in order to experience and discuss the complexity of production systems in a tangible way. The exchange is further enriched by the scientific findings of the WZL at RWTH Aachen University.

The visits and discussions are organized and moderated by employees of the PSC member companies. Participants also have an opportunity to get to know each other at evening events, which helps develop strong ties built on trust. This format has proved effective since the founding of the PSC and specifically in a year-long industrial joint project, the consortial benchmarking “Production Systems 4.0”.

PSC_EN-1-1 Sustainability in the production system
PSC_EN-2-1 Sustainability in the production system
PSC_EN-4-1 Sustainability in the production system
PSC_EN-5-1 Sustainability in the production system
PSC_EN-6-1 Sustainability in the production system
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With the consortium benchmarking “Production Systems 4.0”, the WZL of RWTH Aachen University ties in with a series of benchmarking projects relating to production systems. Together with an industry consortium, we have identified concepts, methods and procedures from Successful-Practice-Companies and discerned knowledge on how production systems can promote process innovations and increase agility in the future.