18. March 2022
Today, we would like to share some information about one of the GPMC‘s Communities – the Global Production Community (GPC).

The GPC promotes structured knowledge exchange in a small circle of companies on the topic of network design. It’s a non-competitive and confidential competence network, allowing for intensive knowledge exchange between companies of various industry sectors, alongside the world of research. Within the scope of the community, principles, methods, and tools for the design and management of production networks are jointly discussed, developed, and customized. With Niklas Rodemann and Martin Welsing, the GPC is well-equipped for the task at hand.

GPC-1 The Global Production Community
GPC-2-EN The Global Production Community
GPC-3-EN The Global Production Community
GPC-4-EN The Global Production Community
The most recent meeting of the GPC took place February 22nd and 23rd under the central theme: “Reshoring – increasing resilience and reducing costs at the same time?”. The meeting opened with an exciting keynote by our Managing Director and Co-Founder Dr. Jan-Philipp Prote, followed by two insightful guest presentations, including lively discussions afterward. We are looking forward to the next meeting of the Global Production Community!

▶️ Stay tuned for news on upcoming meetings as well as new community members, to be announced soon!

▶️ Find out more about the GPC & its most recent community meeting on reshoring here