Industry Consulting

Consulting approach

Alongside the WZL of RWTH Aachen, the GPMC offers customized services ranging from management workshops to the implementation of optimization and digitization projects.

We will utilize the RWTH Aachen Campus network to provide you with individual teams of experienced project managers and experts of their various fields to work on your issues for the best possible results. In our efforts, we rely on a participatory approach that integrates your employees’ knowledge and experience and allows a quick implementation of solutions.

The experience of our experts gained in more than 50 consulting projects each year allows us to cover a broad industry spectrum from automotive and consumer goods manufacturers, machine and system engineering companies and even aeronautics and space technology.



The fourth industrial revolution is well on its way: The intricacies and complexities of production processes can now be managed via networked sensor systems and intelligent algorithms. Challenges are identified faster, and targeted decision-making support helps to quickly develop appropriate solutions. Digitization concepts must be created specifically for each company to function correctly. To that end, we offer a range of individual solution approaches from the development of a digitization strategy to the formulation of an implementation roadmap. Our extensive research network ensures that these solutions will always be state-of-the art.

Agile Production

Agile product development not only lowers costs in the aerospace sector and allows rockets to land safely – it is also becoming established as the new benchmark in a growing number of other industry sectors. Agile production structures are similarly required to allow high development speeds and on the fly product changes. Our experience from the e.GO Mobile AG project on RWTH Aachen Campus and working with other companies has given us the know-how needed to design production concepts in parallel with agile product development, allowing on-time and cost-effective production under flexible conditions.

Operational Excellence

Waste must be reduced permanently to allow efficient production. Our dual approach, consisting of participative lean methods and data analytics, allows us to generate a comprehensive representation of production. Wasteful methods can be pinpointed exactly and then targeted for elimination. In combination with training concepts and the implementation of continuous improvement processes, productivity can not only be increased significantly, but also long-term.

Global Footprint

Only very few companies utilize the full potential of their production networks. We collaborate with businesses on holistic network strategies with unique location roles and design guidelines to create a network that is developing continuously and with specific target orientation. At the same time, our software tool OptiWo allows us to make objective and data-supported network decisions individually.


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Seth-Schmitz Industry Consulting
Dr. Seth Schmitz
Head of Industrial Projects
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