Research Studies

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Regular research studies, e.g. consortial benchmarking, identifies current developments and trends across all industry sectors or for specific sectors. Numerous companies are interviewed on specific issues in collaboration with the existing competence network. A subsequent analysis of the findings uncovers potential, best practices and developments.

Consortial Benchmarking (CBM)

Consortial benchmarking seeks to find common answers to current issues and challenges and to identify best practices. To that end, various companies come together in a sector-independent consortium. Based on the joint experience and expertise of the consortium, it largely defines the focus of the benchmarking. In a joint workshop, the group develops relevant questions on the specified areas of activity.
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These questions are then included in a questionnaire by the GPMC team and sent to potential benchmarking participants. The returned questionnaires are analyzed and the consortial partners will then select successful practice companies, representing innovators in the various areas of activity. In parallel to the visits of the companies, the GPMC will prepare the details of the study results and findings and will finally make these available to the consortial partners.

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