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Consortial Benchmarking Global Production

Producing successfully in fast developing markets

Schedule: September 2020 to September 2021

Markets change. The challenge here lies in the speed of change.

After strong growth over the past years, global production networks are now facing new challenges. Unforeseeable events like the Coronavirus pandemic, emerging trade conflicts or fluctuating order numbers have far-reaching effects on production networks and supply chains. Uncertainties demand a synthesis of short-term action capabilities with consistent strategies. The challenge is to be able to respond proactively to change and to reach a level of agility and organizational structure for the affected areas just in time, as well as in identifying potential for process innovations and their short-term implementation. A consortial benchmarking with the objective of identifying, understanding and benefiting from successful and verified approaches for the further development of global production networks is carried out to meet and overcome these challenges.

Key questions

  • Agility: How can the ability to respond to unforeseeable events be improved?
  • Sustainability: How can company-wide sustainability consciousness be established in order to fulfill economic, political and societal requirements?
  • Organization: How can the best possible action capability be achieved between the polar opposites of centralization and decentralization?
  • Industry 4.0: How can digital solutions help in actively controlling global production networks and also recognize the effects of external influencing factors early?
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The consortial benchmarking will begin in September 2020.

Are you interested in becoming a consortial partner and actively shape the study, while exchanging knowledge with experts from other companies? If the answer is yes, then please get in touch with us. More information about the content and process of the project can be found in the relevant brochure.
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Andreas Gützlaff, M.Sc. RWTH
Center Director
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