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The OptiWo tool offers data-based support for the design of global production networks. The online tool maps complex production networks transparently in terms of supply streams, process chains, detailed cost breakdowns and capacity utilization rates. OptiWo additionally includes a configurator, which allows an analysis of various scenarios for value creation distribution in the network, so that an optimal target footprint can be selected.


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Process analysis and optimization with our digital aixperanto tool follows a participative approach in an effort to involve employees early and therefore ensure the long-term success of process optimizations.

Production Analytics Tool

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The Production Analytics tool uses data analysis based on AI procedures to keep production complexity in check. Targeted data analyses, the integration of expert knowledge and plausible evaluations allow the extrapolation of concrete measures from your own production data to increase productivity.

WoPS – Value stream-oriented production control

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The WoPS tool evaluates production efficiency by analyzing feedback data. It offers the option to see the effects of changes to the production via discrete, digital event simulations with subsequent assessments. Continuous interaction in the online tool allows a quick and easy simulation and comparison of various scenarios.


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