Aixperanto – Intuitive and sustainable process optimization

In the manufacturing industry, up to 87% of throughput time consists of non- or only somewhat value-creating activities that could be eliminated. The objective of the aixperanto tool is the analysis and optimization of business processes in an effort to prevent waste. The main focus of the aixperanto tool is to promote employee understanding for changes in the process landscape that improve workflow, increase customer benefit and drive user-oriented standardization. A participative approach allows process model creation in interdisciplinary teams in an effort to include employees at an early stage. This will create process consciousness, which in turn results in plausible improvement opportunities and therefore ensures long-term success of process optimizations.

The status quo process image is generated from an operative process perspective based on strategic objectives. The process steps are documented digitally within the team of process participants, and anchored in an intuitive representation. Simplified symbolism allows for quick process analyses and the identification of weaknesses. The aixperanto tool can be used for the complete order handling process or for individual business processes.

Specifically, the evaluation of the value creation contribution and the level of process standardization, as well as the participative approach make aixperanto a unique tool vis a vis existing process modeling languages and visualizations. Employees involved in the process learn how to recognize process weaknesses and optimization potential. Based on these types of optimization potential, the modular productivity solution of the GPMC alongside traditional lean principles, wasteful areas can be identified in the processes quickly and the value creation contribution can be increased.

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