Life Cycle Assessment

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Life Cycle Assessment

Benefit from our life cycle assessment analyses by reducing your environmental impact, cutting costs, meeting customer requirements and strengthening your corporate image as sustainable. 

A life cycle assessment is a structured analysis and evaluation of the environmental impact of products over their entire life cycle – from creation to disposal. This procedure, also known as life cycle analysis (LCA), follows the guidelines of DIN EN ISO 14040/14044 and allows not only physical goods but also services to be assessed in terms of their energy and resource consumption. 

Our holistic approach to the product life cycle ensures that indirect environmental impacts outside your premises are not overlooked. We consider all environmental aspects, from resource extraction to emissions, to get a comprehensive picture. 

As a first step, we work closely with our clients to gather all relevant information about their product, service or process. We then use state-of-the-art tools and expertise to conduct a detailed analysis and provide our clients with tailored recommendations on how they can reduce their environmental impact while achieving their sustainability goals. With our partnership approach to life cycle assessments, we enable our clients to make responsible decisions. 

Advantages of a life cycle assessment 

  • Improve environmental performance: LCA enables targeted steps to reduce these impacts and improve our environmental performance. 
  • Reduce costs: By identifying hotspots and taking steps to reduce them, we can help you save resources and cut costs. 
  • Meet customer requirements: Sustainability and environmental protection are becoming increasingly important to customers. 
  • Improve image: Conducting a life cycle assessment can strengthen your corporate image as responsible and sustainable. 
  • Regulatory compliance: LCA ensures compliance with legal environmental regulations and guidelines. 

Success story 

One of our customers had developed a new production technology to replace pneumatic systems with electronic solutions and reduce energy consumption. Although lower energy consumption offers environmental benefits, it is important to evaluate the overall system. Using a life cycle assessment in accordance with ISO 14040/44, we compared the two systems. The result? In 14 out of 17 environmental categories examined, the new system performed better than the pneumatic system. CO2 emissions were reduced by an impressive 60% compared to the pneumatic system. 


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