Line Simulation

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Line Simulation 

We offer you a holistic analysis and support in the optimization of existing production lines as well as the efficient start-up phase of new lines through the use of simulation methods and special software such as PlantSimulation. 

The consumer goods industry faces the challenge of continuing to produce economically despite increasing product variants and growing demands on production lines. Ensuring high overall availability of systems despite different product variants is an important goal. Achieving this goal presents companies with different challenges during the operating phase of existing production lines and the start-up phase of new ones.   

Due to the high complexity of interlinked systems, gaining an in-depth understanding of the interrelationships within a production line is very time-consuming and requires both expert knowledge and suitable simulation methods. For existing lines, potentials can be identified in this way to increase the OEE and ensure high capacity utilization despite unplanned downtimes by cleverly adjusting operating parameters. In the planning and start-up phase of new lines, time-consuming and cost-intensive start-up tests can be reduced, thus shortening the time to production start-up. 

We work with you to analyze existing production lines and support you in the start-up process for new lines. Technical framework conditions, e.g. the units, light barriers, buffer capacities or conveyor systems, are taken into account holistically. In addition, different parameter characteristics along the line (such as machine speeds) can be directly optimized in experiments. We use a special tool for line simulation and the PlantSimulation software for this purpose. 


  • Optimization of the OEE of new and existing production lines 
  • Avoidance of time-consuming and cost-intensive trial & error procedures in the start-up process 
  • Analysis of line configurations in different scenarios  


  • Creation of a comprehensive as-is analysis and efficient scenario simulation of existing filling lines in the consumer goods industry  
  • Analysis and improvement of line planning and the start-up process through structured scenario analyses 


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