Order Processing

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Order Processing

Benefit from optimized order processing, which leads to an increase in time, cost and quality parameters and is supported by advanced technologies such as process mining. 

Business processes have a decisive influence on a company’s competitiveness, as they have a direct impact on customer experience and costs. The core process of order processing in particular, which covers the entire service provision process from the customer’s inquiry to the delivery of the customer’s service, has a direct influence on customer satisfaction and cost structure. Unmanaged business processes result in customer dissatisfaction, high process costs, excessive inventories, long lead times and poor delivery reliability. Continuous improvement of these processes is therefore essential.  

We work with you to analyze your order processing. In interviews and workshops with those involved in the process, we model existing order handling processes and identify weak points. If data is available, this procedure can be supported by process mining technology. By deriving incremental and radical process improvements, we redesign your order processing in order to satisfy your customers on time, on budget and with short lead times. Based on a prioritization of the identified measures, we design a resulting target process and jointly develop an efficient implementation plan. 


  • Improvement of your order processing in terms of time, costs and quality  
  • Clear implementation plan to achieve the target process  
  • Use of advanced technologies such as process mining   


  • Increased efficiency in order processing in special machine construction 


Seth-Schmitz-2 Order Processing
Dr. Seth Schmitz
Managing Director
Telefon: +49 241 80 27387
E-Mail: s.schmitz@gpmc-aachen.de
Tim-Janke-3 Order Processing
Tim Janke, M.Sc. RWTH
Head of Business and Software Development
Telefon: +49 175 4300711
E-Mail: t.janke@gpmc-aachen.de