Production Analysis with Simulation

Design-ohne-Titel4 Production Analysis with Simulation

Production Analysis with Simulation 

Do you want to know how changes in demand or machine capacities affect your production? Create a simulation model with us and create transparency about correlations in production and quantify optimization potential. 

The efficient organization of production is crucial to a company’s success. Particularly in a fast-moving competitive environment, there is a need to identify potential for improvement and make short-term adjustments to production. 

Simulation is a helpful tool for this. The digital simulation of production systems significantly increases transparency and makes it easier to identify optimization opportunities. Based on these findings, alternative simulation scenarios can be developed and evaluated using key figures. This makes it possible to identify the best solution without interfering with the ongoing production process. The areas of application of simulation range from short-term decisions such as the reaction to disruptions to the design of the production structure. 

We support you in the creation and validation of the simulation model. By presenting the simulation results with detailed graphics and key figures, you always have an overview and can quickly identify weak points and bottlenecks. We work with you to simulate changes to the production structure, capacities or sequencing rules, for example. By quantitatively evaluating the effects on production, we support you in your decision-making. 


  • Increased transparency of the production system 
  • Identification and evaluation of weak points 
  • Simulation-based evaluation of improvement measures 


  • Short-term reaction to disruptions in the production process 
  • Dimensioning of the production structure 
  • Ramp-up process of an existing or new production concept 


Seth-Schmitz Production Analysis with Simulation
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Design-ohne-Titel4 Production Analysis with Simulation