Production Concept

Produktionskonzept-9 Production Concept

Production Concept

Work with us to design an efficient production structure that optimally reflects your capacity requirements and is based on a value stream-oriented layout and suitable organizational concept. 

The development of future-oriented, holistic production concepts is becoming an increasingly important competitive advantage for manufacturing companies. Due to dynamic market developments, advances in digitalization and increasing demands on sustainability, the number of challenges for modern production sites is growing rapidly.   

The production concept is an essential component in taking a comprehensive view of these challenges and ensuring the profitability of an existing or new site. It also offers the opportunity to optimize production processes, make the best possible use of resources and align production capacities with strategic corporate goals. In this way, improved operational performance, cost savings, increased competitiveness and sustainable corporate growth can be achieved. 

Together with you, we design an efficient production structure to map capacity requirements in a value stream-oriented layout and the appropriate organizational concept. To this end, we carry out a detailed analysis of your existing production processes, identify potential for improvement and develop strategic plans to optimize productivity, efficiency and profitability. To meet the requirements for current and future quantities, production capacities, personnel and resource allocations as well as supply chain management are taken into account and supplemented with advanced technology solutions based on our experience. 


  • Holistic planning approach to meet your requirements  
  • Joint development of an efficient production structure  
  • Know-how from industry, research and sector benchmarking  
  • Individual and rapid implementation   


  • Creation of a future-proof production layout based on a consolidated production concept 
  • Design of a „Factory of the Future“ concept 
  • Development of a future production and logistics concept 


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