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We are transferring all our tools to our new MIORI Platform! Sounds exciting? Feel free to visit our MIORI website.

Our Vision

Digital production management – real-time data in your pocket – future-oriented analysis. Quickly implement and test tool ideas, on-demand software development, and data integration for internal business applications – MIORI makes all this possible, creating solutions for tomorrow’s production management.

Our Technology

With MIORI, GPMC offers you a web platform with user-oriented and customizable tools for short-term decisions and long-term planning – from the network level to the shop floor. The tool landscape is based on three apps: Network Design, Process Flow, and Shopfloor Board, and is continuously expanded.

Software Development

We develop customized software solutions using agile development methods to meet the diverse and dynamic requirements for operational and strategic tasks in companies.

Customized Software Development

Discover a new dimension of individual support for your operational and strategic tasks with our customized software solutions – from transparency and decision support to automated evaluation and analysis.

Network Design

Design and optimize your global production network with MIORI Network Design.

Process Flow

Document and analyze your business processes with MIORI Process Flow. The intuitive web app creates a clear view of your company processes and setup processes, allowing you to specifically identify your optimization potentials.

Shopfloor Board

A web tool for documenting your shop floor meetings, weekly sprints, or monthlies is offered by MIORI Shopfloor Board.

Production Control

Analyze and optimize your complex production interrelationships with MIORI Production Control.


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