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GPMC is the central competence partner for all issues pertaining to production management. Powerful networks of science and industry generate innovative solutions for the challenges faced by manufacturing companies today and in the future.


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The GPMC was created in close cooperation with the two RWTH Aachen University professors Prof. Dr. G√ľnther Schuh and Prof. Dr. Will van der Aalst. The combination of their two specialist areas has resulted in the creation of new, future-proof areas of activity.


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The GPMC is a competence network consisting of enrolled members and representatives of various university institutes. As a center within the ecosystem of RWTH Aachen Campus, the GPMC has access to experts and the entire on-campus infrastructure, which facilitates knowledge exchange and transfer.


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The GPMC team works closely with RWTH Aachen University professors, senior engineers and research assistants. Everyone involved has relevant industry and scientific credentials.