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The Global Production Management Center

The Global Production Management Center (GPMC) facilitates companies to continuously maximize their productivity. As a unique competence network consisting of renowned companies and research institutes, we develop methods and tools to speed up and improve decisions in production.
In collaboration with our member companies, we develop, test and implement solutions for tomorrow’s production management. Our key focus areas are application-appropriated methods and user-oriented tools for short-term decisions and long-term planning from location to network level. We consolidate these solutions in a global control center. That creates transparency in a dynamic environment and supports manufacturers by allowing them to act target orientated.


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17.05.2023 |

We are delighted to welcome Voith Paper as our new member at the GPMC and are looking forward to collaborating...

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19.03.2023 | KBM AI in Operations

As companies continue to explore the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it is important to understand...

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02.03.2023 | Supply Chain Resilience – Challenges and Potentials for the resilient Design of the Supply Chain

Current crises and their negative effects on supply chains impressively demonstrate the weak points...

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Global Production Management Center Core Topics

The center offers an active knowledge exchange and practice-oriented consortial research in the following areas:
  • Strategic and data-based design and control of agile value creation chains on location and network level
  • Deployment of AI (artificial intelligence) and Data Analytics for production planning and process improvement
  • Achievement of annual production increases by proactive responses to changes in end-to-end processes
  • Concept creation and implementation of a global control center including an analysis toolbox for production optimization
  • Other topics driven by communities and issues within the field of production management