Montagehalle-360x220 Cost Cutting
8. March 2021

Cost Cutting

Over the last years, companies have already been under high pressure, because of short product lifecycles, increasing individualism, complex…

shutterstock_1119927341-1-360x220 Introducing: KI-LIAS
18. December 2020

Introducing: KI-LIAS

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) has already led to changes in the work and the employment situation of many employees and is expected…

shutterstock_1501235909-360x220 Digital in NRW
15. December 2020

Digital in NRW

Since the beginning of 2016, “Digital in NRW – Competence for SMEs” has been successfully supporting medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)…

WS_3.EXP_cropped-360x220 Third Expert Forum "Global Production"
21. September 2020

Third Expert Forum “Global Production”

Third Expert Forum "Global Production" - Master The Transformation of Global Production Join the discussion with Günther Schuh and Dr. Stefan Kozielski from our center partner Henkel and other top-class speakers on the future of production networks! The third edition…