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GPMC, in collaboration with WZL at RWTH Aachen, offers individual services ranging from management workshops to the implementation of optimization and digitization projects. Through the RWTH Aachen Campus network, we provide you with customized teams comprising experienced project managers and subject matter experts to address your challenges optimally. We employ a participatory approach that involves leveraging the knowledge and expertise of your staff, enabling rapid implementation of solutions.

With the expertise of our consultants derived from over 50 consulting projects per year, we cover a wide range of industries, including automotive and consumer goods manufacturing, mechanical engineering, and aerospace.


Individuelle Softwareentwicklung


The demands on operational and strategic tasks in companies are diverse and increasingly dynamic. To support individual tasks up to entire processes, numerous standardized software solutions are already in use. However, many issues are very individual or company-specific, and existing software products do not provide sufficient support. For specific use cases, the targeted development of custom software solutions is often the appropriate alternative.

Therefore, in addition to offering professional apps for production management, we also implement tailor-made software projects with our clients. Our goal is to develop user-oriented tools—whether for creating transparency, assisting in decision-making, or automating various inquiries. Through custom programming, we meet the specific requirements of our clients and implement the necessary functionalities through innovative user interfaces, visualizations, and interfaces.

For implementation, we rely on agile development approaches and our extensive experience. The concrete implementation varies, for example, as a Java-based web tool, specific database, custom application for the shop floor, or industrial Excel tool. Hosting is also tailored to our clients’ needs, either on GPMC servers for continuous availability or on corporate servers for exclusive availability.


  • Joint development of necessary requirements
  • Custom and rapid implementation
  • Exclusive or user-based access
  • Extensive data integration through import and export functions


  • Implementation of network design tools
  • Development of digital shop floor management systems


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The fourth industrial revolution is on the rise: through interconnected sensors and intelligent algorithms, the complexity in production can be mastered. Challenges are detected more quickly, and solutions are developed faster through targeted decision support. However, to function effectively, digitalization concepts must be tailored to each company. To this end, we offer a range of individual solution approaches, from developing a digitalization strategy to deriving an implementation roadmap. Through our research network, our solutions are always cutting-edge.


Project Example: Customer Success Story: Beiersdorf AG | Potenziale einer digitalen Industrie 4.0-Fabrik

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Gemeinsam haben das Global Together with the Global Production Management Center and the Production Management Department at the Machine Tool Laboratory WZL of RWTH Aachen University, Beiersdorf AG examined and evaluated the establishment of a new site for aerosol production. In this context, the potential of digitalization for the new factory was also explored to establish a future-proof infrastructure from the outset. The evaluation considered not only technical and financial feasibility but also alignment with the overall corporate strategy.

Given the ongoing progression of digitalization and a wide range of available modern Industry 4.0 solutions, it was crucial to identify those use cases that offered Beiersdorf AG technological, economic, and ecological value.

Results transferable to other plants thanks to a standardized calculation tool

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The evaluation of Industry 4.0 solutions not only revealed the potentials but also the limits of digitalization for the new Industry 4.0 factory. An important decision-making basis was created for further factory planning, particularly its infrastructure. A standardized calculation structure was used for evaluating the use cases. The result is a tool that allows for continuous evaluation of use cases through simple adjustment of data and assumptions. This enables Beiersdorf AG to transfer project results to other production sites at low cost.
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Do you also have an interest in an Industry 4.0 use case evaluation? Then reach out to us and develop solutions together with us for tomorrow’s production management.

Lean Production

To produce efficiently, waste must be continuously reduced. With our dual approach of participatory Lean methods and data analytics, we create a comprehensive picture of production. This allows waste to be identified in detail and avoided purposefully. Combined with training concepts and the implementation of continuous improvement processes, productivity can be increased not only significantly but also sustainably.

Global Footprint

Few companies utilize the full potential of their production networks. To change that, we develop holistic network strategies with companies, with clear site roles and design guidelines, to continuously and purposefully shape the network. At the same time, with our software tool OptiWo, we offer the possibility to make individual network decisions objectively and data-based.

Development of a Production Concept


The development of future-oriented, holistic production concepts is becoming increasingly essential for manufacturing companies to gain a competitive advantage. Due to dynamic market developments, advances in digitalization, and increasing sustainability requirements, the number of challenges for modern production sites is growing rapidly.

To comprehensively address these challenges and ensure the profitability of an existing or new location, the production concept is a crucial component. It also offers the opportunity to optimize production processes, utilize resources optimally, and align production capacities with strategic corporate goals. This can lead to improved operational performance, cost savings, increased competitiveness, and sustainable business growth.

Together with you, we design an efficient production structure to reflect capacity requirements in a value stream-oriented layout and the appropriate organizational concept. To do this, we conduct a detailed analysis of your existing production processes, identify improvement potentials, and develop strategic plans to optimize productivity, efficiency, and profitability. To meet the requirements for current and future production volumes, production capacities, personnel and resource allocations, and supply chain management are considered and complemented with advanced technology solutions based on our expertise.


  • Comprehensive planning approach to meet your requirements
  • Joint development of an efficient production structure
  • Expertise from industry, research, and industry benchmarking
  • Custom and rapid implementation Examples


  • Development of a future-proof production layout based on a consolidated production concept
  • Conception of a “Factory of the Future” concept
  • Development of a future production and logistics concept


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