16. June 2023

Developing a Production Concept

The future of production is to be found in holistic production concepts!

Modern production sites are facing increasingly greater challenges due to dynamic market developments, digital advances and growing sustainability requirements. In order to meet these challenges and ensure profitability, a holistic production concept is essential. It enables the optimization of production processes, the best possible use of resources and the alignment of production capacities with strategic corporate goals. The benefits? Improved operational performance, cost savings, enhanced competitiveness, and sustainable business growth.

By designing an efficient production structure together, we map capacity requirements in a value stream-oriented layout. Through detailed process analyses, we identify optimization potential and develop strategic plans for higher productivity, efficiency and profitability. We consider current and future unit volumes, optimize resource allocation, staffing and supply chain management. With our experience, we complement advanced technology solutions.

By collaborating with us, you can expect:
✅ Holistic planning approach to meet your requirements
✅ Joint development of an efficient production structure
✅ Know-how from industry, research, and sector benchmarking
✅ Individual and rapid implementation of your plans

For more information and an individual consultation, do not hesitate to contact Tim Janke.

Produktionskonzept Developing a Production Concept


Seth-Schmitz-2 Developing a Production Concept
Dr. Seth Schmitz
Managing Director
Telefon: +49 241 80 27387
E-Mail: s.schmitz@gpmc-aachen.de
Tim-Janke-3 Developing a Production Concept
Tim Janke, M.Sc. RWTH
Head of Business and Software Development
Telefon: +49 175 4300711
E-Mail: t.janke@gpmc-aachen.de