30. June 2023

Production Control

We would like to introduce MIORI Production Control, our latest tool that combines standardized data analysis with advanced scenario simulation capabilities.

▶️ With MIORI Production Control, you can extract valuable insights from your production data to enhance your production planning and control. Gain valuable insights into inventory levels, lead times, and machine utilization through intuitive charts and key metrics.

We’re pleased to offer a complimentary analysis and evaluation of your production. Based on your historical production data, we will conduct a QuickCheck for 3-5 facilities. Our primary focus will be to determine your production status. We will create charts and metrics to analyze manufacturing orders and workstations, including inventory levels, lead times, on-time delivery, delays, machine variations, complexity, and utilization.

To ensure the utmost reliability and user-friendliness of our tool, we aim to validate its functionality using real-world data during the final phase of software development. This validation process will allow us to improve and enhance the current version based on the insights gained.​

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to optimize your production processes and make data-driven decisions. Do not hesitate to contact us to schedule your free analysis and be at the forefront of efficient production control with MIORI Production Control!

Production-Control-Tool MIORI Production Control
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Seth-Schmitz-2 MIORI Production Control
Dr. Seth Schmitz
Managing Director
Telefon: +49 241 80 27387
E-Mail: s.schmitz@gpmc-aachen.de
Tim-Janke-3 MIORI Production Control
Tim Janke, M.Sc. RWTH
Head of Business and Software Development
Telefon: +49 175 4300711
E-Mail: t.janke@gpmc-aachen.de