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Production Excellence Benchmark
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The Production Excellence Benchmark is an instrument for evaluating the level of maturity in terms of production excellence. The offer is aimed at companies of every industry and size, who can use it to independently assess the maturity of their production with regard to Lean and Industry 4.0 in a web-based questionnaire.

There are seven question dimensions (e.g. organization, value stream-oriented production or data infrastructure) with three to five questions each. For each question, the maturity of the company can independently be classified on a scale with examples.

In addition to the maturity evaluation resulting from this assessment, the attainment of so-called “benefit prospects” is also determined based on the responses. These describe the extent to which new technologies such as e.g. “real-time decision-making” are being enabled and actively supported. The results are then visualized in form of a heat map. In addition to the individual heat map, the maturity levels achieved are described in detail with particular regard to the resulting risks and potential countermeasures for potential improvement.

The Production Excellence Benchmark was developed by the Global Production Management Center and the WZL – Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering of RWTH Aachen University. It allows organizations to assess their maturity level in terms of production excellence in using a standardized approach. The benchmark takes into account seven dimensions in the context of lean production and Industry 4.0. Disclaimer: At this point, the Benchmark is only available in German.

Determining one’s position as a success factor for operational excellence

For companies, the level of maturity in terms of production excellence is of crucial importance. Lean production combined with Industry 4.0 principles are central success factors in global competitive markets. Volatile markets and increasingly dynamic competition require state-of-the-art production technologies and monitoring mechanisms alike. To achieve a sustainable increase in productivity, it is vital to be aware of where exactly your organization stands in terms of production excellence. However, organizations often find it difficult to assess how well their own company has anchored Lean production and actively facilitates the use of Industry 4.0. Standardized and comprehensive maturity models for production excellence do not exist and a comparison with other companies is seldom possible due to insufficient information or lacking comparability.

Therefore, companies need an instrument that enables them to critically assess their maturity level in terms of production excellence: Enabling assessment in a short time and without external help using objective evaluation standards. Based on this evaluation standard, company and industry comparisons are also made possible.

Production expertise at the interface between research and industry

At the very interface between research and industry, the GPMC and the WZL have an insight into various trends and developments as well as an overview of best practices in companies in a wide variety of industries – from medium-sized companies to DAX corporations. Based on this experience, a benchmarking instrument was developed for manufacturing companies to evaluate their own “Production Excellence”. The outcome of that endeavor is this evaluation tool that combines three elementary goals: To enable independent evaluation within 25 minutes and without incurring costs.

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