27. November 2020
The third Global Production Community meeting of this year took place on November 24th and 25th. Due to the Corona pandemic and the related restrictions, the meeting took place digitally. To facilitate a more intensive exchange, the members of the community met on two consecutive days. Despite the limitations posed by the current situation, we have had a successful and productive Global Production Community meeting.

To our great pleasure, Henkel participated as a new community member for the first time. Throughout the two days, we’ve experienced open and inspiring discussions related to the guiding theme “Challenges of global production networks”. In that vein, we addressed the current challenges posed by the corona pandemic extensively.

GPMC’s Center Director, Dr Jan-Philipp Prote, addressed both internal and external challenges that the global pandemic has caused in a dedicated Keynote Speech. Thus, practical examples were highlighted and overarching principles that can help to increase the resilience of value networks illuminated. Subsequently, contributions from the community followed, enriching the exchange to a great extent. For instance, Mr Siemons from KHS gave an informative guest contribution on the subject of “Portfolio Transfer”. In addition, Roman Senderek from FIR at RWTH Aachen University provided exciting insights with his guest contribution on the subject of “New Industrial Work – designing new working and learning environments”. Similarly, both Dr Stefan Kozielski from our new community member Henkel and Dr Thorsten Westermann from Miele enriched the meeting with contributions, that provided informative and exciting insights.

We thank all participants for the productive and insightful meeting and are already looking forward to the next meeting of the Global Production Community.

The Global Production Community

Global-Production-Community_EN-scaled Third Global Production Community Meeting


The aim of the Global Production Community (GPC) is to promote structured knowledge exchange in a small circle of companies alongside the world of research on the topic of network design. Within the scope of the community, principles, methods and tools for the design and management of production networks are jointly discussed, developed and customized. The central purpose for the community partners is methodical support for the successful design of global production networks. The scientific foundation of the exchange is cemented through the expertise of the WZL at RWTH Aachen University.


Participants of the community are enabled to critically analyze their own activities regarding the design of their network and to continue the development of their own abilities. The visits to the community partners during the networking events allow insights into various types of successfully designed global production networks. In effect, a non-competitive and confidential competence network is and will be developed systematically, allowing for intensive knowledge exchange with companies in other industry sectors.

Related GPMC-Study

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Since the beginning of industrial production, attempts have been made to improve the productivity of machines, factories and the individuals involved. Innovations such as the assembly line, automation or lean philosophy have therefore always fallen on fertile soil. In this study, we analyze how the most important trends of the past years – Lean and Industry 4.0 – can be applied in different industries with the common goal of increasing productivity.
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