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The members of GPMC are part of one of the three growing communities of the center, consisting of companies from various industries. In addition to the center’s annual meeting, three networking events are organized within the different communities each year for intensive exchange, with each meeting focusing on a specific professional topic. The network serves as an excellent basis for further collaborations and as a starting point for addressing specific research questions.

Our Communities

Global Production Community | GPC

The goal of the Global Production Community (GPC) is to promote structured exchange among a small group of companies together with the research world in the field of network design and coordination. Within the community, principles, methods, and tools for the design and management of production networks are discussed, developed, and individualized together.
Global-Production-Community-1 Community
The central benefit for community partners is methodological support for successful design of global production networks. Community participants are enabled to critically analyze their own activities regarding network design and to further develop their own capabilities. The planned visits to community partners during the workshop provide insights into various forms of successful design of global production networks. Thus, a non-competitive and confidential competence network has been systematically built, allowing for intensive exchange with companies from other industries.

Three meetings constitute the framework of a membership year in the Global Production Community. The topics for the upcoming meetings are regularly coordinated and determined together with all participants. Past community meeting topics have included the development of a network strategy and its implementation, strategic, continuous configuration of global production networks, global coordination in the network, and the use of Industry 4.0 in production networks. In addition to the meetings, membership in the community includes three web seminars held annually covering various topics in the field of Global Production and Production Management.

Contact Person

son-heleki Community
Lukas Hauser
Lead Global Production Community
Telefon: +49 151 688 091 14
Benedict-Janssen-2-1 Community
Benedict Janssen
Lead Global Production Community
Telefon: +49 151 43169712

Production Systems Community (PSC)

In the Production Systems Community (PSC), members exchange ideas on the design and implementation of production systems in the context of Industry 4.0. The focus of the activities lies on company visits to grasp and discuss the complexity of production systems. This exchange is enriched by scientific insights from the WZL at RWTH Aachen University.
Production-Systems-Community Community
The PSC systematically examines four aspects: culture, methods, smart data, and digital assistance systems. In this context, the importance of lean principles, their design, and their significance for the digitization of value chains are explicitly discussed. Challenges in identifying and implementing new solutions are particularly investigated. The aim is to systematically unlock the potential for radical value creation through digitization. The goal is to enable waste-free processes and agile decisions even under volatile environmental influences. Thus, the PSC contributes to establishing your production system sustainably as a real competitive advantage for your company.

Visits and discussions are organized and moderated by PSC staff. In addition, participants get to know each other personally at evening events, building a close trust relationship. Since its founding, this format has proven successful in various initiatives, including a one-year industry-related consortium project called “Production Systems 4.0.”

Contact Persons

Annkristin-Hermann-2 Community
Annkristin Hermann
Lead Production Systems Community
Telefon: +49 151 43126175 
20230224_7100_SNB_9923_h1-scaled Community
Tim Hommen
Lead Production Systems Community
Telefon: +49 151 46763706

Production Analytics Community (PAC)

The Production Analytics Community (PAC) sees itself as an exchange and industrialization platform for artificial intelligence (AI) in production. The community consistently focuses on the benefits of AI from the customer’s perspective, thus examining the topic from the user perspective of manufacturing companies to ultimately increase their productivity.
Production-Analytics-Community Community
The activities of the community accompany companies from the identification of initial use cases, including the necessary prerequisites, through the feasibility and economic evaluation of these, to the company-wide integrated implementation. In this process, the exchange between community members regarding challenges and individual solutions in the form of best practices offers a valuable opportunity for companies to learn from each other. With the analysis toolbox developed in cooperation with the WZL at RWTH Aachen University, the center provides application software specifically tailored to the needs of manufacturing companies, thus supporting a cost-effective and targeted initial analysis.

The Production Analytics Community accompanies and develops companies towards the application of artificial intelligence methods—but only in cases where it makes sense. The focus on customer value and the perspective from the user’s viewpoint ensure this targeted implementation.

Contact Persons

Tim-Janke-3 Community
Tim Janke
Lead Production Analytics Community
Telefon: +49 175 430 07 11
20230224_5621_SNB_9486_h-2 Community
Hendrik Eisbein
Lead Production Analytics Community

Organizational Framework

  • Network Meetings with Topic Workshops
  • In Aachen or at members’ locations
  • 1.5 days including evening events
  • Ample networking opportunities
  • Preparation and follow-up by the Center

Contents of the Network Meetings

  • 3 network meetings per year on selected and community-coordinated topics
  • Moderation of the meetings by the Center Presentations
  • Contributions by members
  • Keynote presentations from current research on relevant topics
  • External presentations from guest speakers
  • Company visits