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Through regularly conducted studies, such as Consortial Benchmarkings (KBM), current developments and trends are identified across various industries or within specific sectors. In collaboration with the existing competence network, numerous companies are interviewed on defined issues. The subsequent analysis uncovers potentials, best practices, and developments.

Current Consortial Benchmarkings (KBM)

Managing Sustainable Production

Discover through our Consortial Benchmarking how manufacturing companies are leveraging circular economy practices to fully realize their sustainability potential. They are harmoniously aligning economic and ecological goals while successfully bringing circular products to market.


Efficient and Sustainable through Global Production Management

In our current Consortial Benchmarking, we explore how leading companies overcome the challenges of dynamic markets and supply chains to manage their production networks efficiently and sustainably.

Consortial Benchmarkings (KBM)

What is a KBM?
Consortial Benchmarking aims to collaboratively find solutions to problems, identify best practices, and develop relevant questions.

Past Consortial Benchmarkings (KBM)

Successfully Designing Production Systems 4.0

Discover practical guidelines and learn how production systems can enhance agility through innovative concepts and methods—together with a renowned Industry Consortium!

Designing Global Production Networks

Learn how the combination of benchmarking studies and insights from successful practice company visits leads to valuable insights—with perspectives from over 50 experts and executives!


Maximizing Productivity

Discover in this study how the fusion of Lean trends and Industry 4.0 leads to a combined approach that effectively boosts productivity across various industries—with the Productivity Navigator as a central decision-making tool!

Press Releases

Press Release – KBM AI in Operations

At the concluding conference of the Consortial Benchmarking “Artificial Intelligence in Operations,” the five most successful companies in implementing Artificial Intelligence in the production sector were honored—a fascinating insight into the advanced application of AI in the industry!

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