Customized Software Development

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Customized Software Development

Discover a new dimension of individual support for your operational and strategic tasks with our customized software solutions – from transparency and decision support to automated evaluation and analysis. 

The requirements for operational and strategic tasks in companies are diverse and are becoming increasingly dynamic. Numerous standardized software solutions are therefore already being used to support individual tasks and even entire processes. Many problems are very individual or company-specific, meaning that existing software products do not offer sufficient support. For specific use cases, the targeted development of an individual software solution is often the appropriate alternative. 

Therefore, in addition to offering professional apps for production management, we also implement customized software projects with our customers. Our aim is to develop benefit-oriented tools – whether to create transparency, support decision-making or automate the evaluation of various issues. Through individual programming, we meet the specific requirements of our customers and implement the necessary functionalities through innovative user interfaces, visualizations and interfaces. 

For implementation, we rely on agile development processes and our many years of experience. The specific implementation is diverse, e.g. as a Java-based web tool, specific database, individual application for the store floor or industrial Excel tool. The subsequent hosting is also carried out according to the requirements of our customers on GPMC servers for continuous availability or on company servers for exclusive availability. 


  • Joint development of the necessary requirements 
  • Individual and fast implementation 
  • Exclusive or user-based access 
  • Extensive data integration through import and export functions 


  • Implementation of network design tools 
  • Development of digital store floor management systemss 


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Dr. Seth Schmitz
Managing Director
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