Digitalization Strategy

Digitalisierungsstrategie Digitalization Strategy

Digitalization Strategy

We support you in the digitalization of your production by analysing processes, developing a digitalization strategy and designing digital use cases to enable sustainable and more cost-effective production processes. 

Digitalization of production or even artificial intelligence in production: buzzwords that have been on everyone’s lips since the publication of ChatGPT. Success stories from other companies are piling up on LinkedIn. But if we take a closer look, we see that the implementation and operationalization of these topics still presents companies with major challenges, even many years after the Industry 4.0 hype: How do I find suitable use cases and how do I define appropriate business cases? Is it really necessary to look at digitalization explicitly? Is digitalization even worthwhile outside of high-volume production? How do I anchor these tasks in the company, which department is responsible? Who do I need to start with and how? Do I need a cloud architecture for my IT systems to ensure future-proof production? 

We see digitalization as a powerful – but also costly – tool for more sustainable, more flexible and ultimately more cost-effective production. And we know that: The potential is enormous if the right use case is found. That’s why we always focus first on the processes and value streams to be supported in digitalization projects in order to uncover potential benefits. Data-driven thinking is essential so that your employees can find these use cases themselves, because Digital transformation always also means organizational transformation: we are therefore convinced that, in addition to technical infrastructural issues, it is always necessary to look at the organization as such. In our projects, we have learned that only those companies that have made the digital transformation a challenging strategic objective for top-level management have been economically successful. 

Together with you, we analyse your production and develop a strategy for production digitalization – combined with the strategic focus of the company management and the detailed knowledge of your employees on the store floor. Following a potential analysis, we clarify whether this digitalization strategy already includes artificial intelligence or whether you should first focus on the basic infrastructural requirements. In workshops, we explore your individual information and decision-making needs and design corresponding digital use cases on the basis of which we can draw up a requirements description for your future IT/OT system. The integration of these new responsibilities into your existing organization rounds off a successful digitalization strategy project. 


  • Agreement of a digitalization strategy for production with your corporate goals 
  • Defined requirements for a future-proof IT/OT infrastructure 


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