24. October 2021

Measurement and evaluation of complexity in the supply chain

The second meeting of the Plant Complexity Focus Group (PCFG) took place on September 27 and 28 at HOMAG in Schopfloch, Baden-Württemberg. The focus of this meeting was the discussion on measuring and evaluating complexity in the production environment. In workshops, presentations, discussions, and a factory visit, the participants addressed the topic of mapping and quantifying complexity using key performance indicators (KPIs). After discussing transparency and identifying complexity at the first PCFG meeting in May, the topic of measuring and assessing complexity is the stepping stone in preparation for the final community meeting in November, focussing on the reduction and mastering of complexity. The meetings of our Plant Complexity Focus Group are closely coordinated with our cooperation partner, the Complexity Management Academy.

We thank all participants and your interesting contributions, speeches and constructive discussions around the topic of measuring and evaluating complexity in the supply chain. It was riveting to consider questions, such as:

  • How can the degree of complexity in the various production-related areas be quantified?
  • What are suitable KPIs?
  • How can the KPIs be integrated into the employee performance management?
PCFG-1_EN_crop Second PCFG Meeting 2021
PCFG-2_EN_crop Second PCFG Meeting 2021

The Plant Complexity Focus Group (PCFG)

The Plant Complexity focus group is a platform for the exchange of best practices and the collaborative solution of problems in the field of complexity management. The main objective is the joint identification, development and implementation of concepts for managing complexity in production and the supply chain. What are complexity drivers in different plants, companies and industries? Which tools, methods and concepts are suitable for dealing with complexity in different areas? How can digital technologies support the management of complexity?

Together with our colleagues from the Complexity Management Academy (CMA), we address the central issues in the areas of the plant and the supply chain in our “Plant Complexity” focus group. The results obtained serve the participants as input for implementation in their own companies. The focus group takes a cross-industry approach, with participants sharing insights and ideas on current challenges while visiting participating companies during the three focus group meetings throughout a year. The exchange is further supplemented by scientific insights from the WZL at RWTH Aachen University and the University of St. Gallen.

PCFG-1 Second PCFG Meeting 2021
PCFG-2 Second PCFG Meeting 2021
PCFG-3 Second PCFG Meeting 2021
PCFG-4 Second PCFG Meeting 2021
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