Design of Production Networks

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Design of production networks 

Optimize your production network and exploit the full potential of your global footprint with data-based support from the OptiWo software tool. 

In today’s business world, cleverly designed production networks are essential. Ongoing cost pressures require a strategic realignment of your production processes to remain competitive. Historically grown networks can be inefficient – a redesign is crucial to make the best use of resources. A lack of transparency can affect your decision-making. The clarity of a well-designed network is essential. And finally, the world is opening up to new markets – with a well-designed production network, you can take advantage of these opportunities and set your company up for international success. 

Our proven approach to designing production networks is your key to success. We start with a kick-off in which we define the appropriate level of abstraction and analyze data availability. We then create transparency about your current footprint and develop a customized network strategy. Our experts compare your company requirements with the site competencies and model various network scenarios to find the optimal solution. After defining your target footprint, we create a clear implementation roadmap so that you can successfully optimize your production networks. Let’s pave the way to a more efficient production network together! 

Advantages of a structured network design: 

  • Cost optimization: one of the main reasons to design a global production network is the  ability to reduce costs 
  • Market proximity: Proximity to target markets is of crucial importance 
  • Risk diversification: Globalization of production allows companies to diversify risks 
  • Scalability and flexibility: A global production network offers the opportunity to adapt production according to demand 
  • Access to talent and innovation: Global networking allows companies to access a wider talent pool 

Success story 

We are proud to share the successful outcome of one of our projects. Our aim was to examine the „Poland site“ scenario and develop a realistic plan for a potential relocation. Our approach was precise and comprehensive. We started with a detailed profitability calculation, which gave us a clear overview. The systematic site visits in Poland enabled us to record all relevant aspects. We identified various relocation stages and finally carried out a final assessment. The result speaks for itself: a systematically prepared decision including a concrete implementation plan. An impressive net present value of over €1.5 million with a payback period of just 5 years. The implementation was planned in seven work packages and we achieved the establishment of a new production site in Poland in less than two years. 


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